8 SEO Steps to Optimize a Jewelry E-Commerce Site for Mobile Voice Search

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Nov 15, 2022
Mobile Voice Search

SEO for jewelers can be tricky, but there are strategies that jewelry stores and online retailers can use to boost their traffic through optimizing their site for voice searches.

How often do you ask Alexa to play your favorite song? Or how often do you ask Siri for directions to a new location? Quite often, right? Despite being introduced as a fancy concept, the idea of voice search has indeed taken on a large role in how we navigate the internet. 

Searching by your voice is much easier and faster than typing the entire question all over again. 

According to eMarketer in 2020, 40.2% of the entire US population uses voice search, and according to PwC, 71% of consumers prefer using voice queries over typing. 

Every jewelry business owner needs to optimize their website so that voice search users can easily find them. 

So, let's find out how you can optimize your jewelry website for voice searches and stand out from the rest.  Stay with us to learn some effective SEO tactics that any jeweler can implement on their e-commerce jewelry retail website.

Long-Tail Keywords

1. Long-Tail Keywords for SEO for Jewelers

Voice searches are entirely different from text searches. They are more specific and detailed and contain long questions. This is because, when we talk, we prefer using complete sentences with specific details addressing our requirements. As a result, using relevant long-tailed keywords in your website copy can help you greatly in attracting organic traffic through voice searches. By trying this, you can easily capture the users' attention who submit lengthier queries.

So what are long-tail keywords?

Long tail keywords contain more words and are more specific than shorter keywords—shoppers often use long tail keywords in searches when they are serious about making a purchase.  For example, if someone is just browsing around and isn’t sure what they are looking for, they might type or say “hoop earrings” But if someone is looking for a specific type of hoop earrings and are serious about making a purchase, they might search for “14k gold hoop earrings with diamonds.” In this case, the head of the keyword is “hoop earrings” and the long tail keyword would be “14k gold hoop earrings with diamonds.”

While long-tail keywords get less searches, the people searching are usually prepared to buy. And, it’s relatively easier to rank for these long tail keywords.

Jewelers can implement long tail keywords in product descriptions as well as in an FAQ section.

Conversational SEO

2. Keep The Content Conversational

Your content needs to be conversational to fine-tune it for voice searches. A conversational tone will make your content more authentic and simpler to read, and it will also make your content more obvious for voice queries. 

Try using transition words and incorporate conversational words like "I," "you," "we," "me," etc. 

The point is to sound like a human, and the expert jeweler that you are, as if the readers are listening to the solution to their problems rather than reading.

website performance ui

3. Work On Your Website's Performance 

To ensure quality voice search optimization, you have to make sure that your website's performance is top-notch.

Ideally, your web page should load within 2-3 seconds before disrupting the user interface. 

A fast and responsive website is often well-optimized for voice searches and also helps you rank higher in the search results. Nobody likes to wait for a slow website to open, and Google won’t pay attention to your site if it takes too long to load.

Not getting the desired result using WordPress? Speed up your website by switching to WebFlow.

Schema Markup

4. Take Advantage of Schema Markup

What is Schema Markup? Schema markup lets the search engine know the purpose and intent of the content on your webpage, which can improve the voice search SEO of your content and enhance the on-page SEO of the site. 

By turning unstructured data into structured data, adding schema helps search engines can crawl and rank your site more easily. 

Schema contains essential details about your organization, such as its address, contact details, customer reviews, working hours, etc. 

While invisible to visitors, schema helps bots understand your content more clearly, improves the visibility of your website, and, thus, brings more clicks.

local SEO near me

5. Local SEO for Jewelry Businesses

Prioritizing local SEO is an effective way that allows jewelers to improve their visibility among local businesses. This process is not just beneficial for textual SEO but works wonders for voice searches as well. 

Often you have heard people saying, "food near me." And if your local SEO is done correctly, you'll be able to appear in the list of jewelry stores near the user when someone searches “jewelry repair near me” or “trendy jewelry store near me”.

Local SEO informs searchers about your location, directions, contact details, and more. 

So, if you own an e-commerce business but have a storefront, local SEO is one of the best methods you can incorporate into your strategy for taking care of your site’s overall SEO. 

Coming Soon: SEO for Jewelers: 10 Steps for Local SEO

multilingual content

6. Publish Your Content under Several Languages 

Not all visitors that come to your website necessarily know English. Well, keeping that in mind, try going multilingual. Especially in Los Angeles and California, shoppers speak a range of languages, so make sure your store can accommodate some of the most spoken languages in your area. 

By translating your content into different languages, you will not only be able to cater to the needs of a diverse pool of visitors but you can also build strong networks across the internet. 

However, you need to make sure that your content sounds authoritative and dependable when Alexa reads it. Thus, your content's translation quality must be credible. Therefore, we advise you to translate and have your content proofread by a native speaker for the best results.

FAQ help section

7. Build a Proper FAQ Section on your website 

The FAQ section plays a crucial role in optimizing your website for voice searches. 

In most voice searches, visitors speak in the form of a question, and to stand out, you must keep the relevant answers ready. Besides, having an FAQ section makes your content more precise yet detailed. 

In voice searches, users appreciate getting relevant information written in a crisp manner, so while answering, be thorough without going into too much depth. 

When it comes to jewelry FAQ’s the more the merrier. “What is gold vermeil?” “What is gold plating?” “How do I book an appointment?” “Do you offer customization?” 

Try to predict what people might ask, and answer those questions.

Tip: In your FAQs, state the question you are answering, such as “Where is ITJ Group located?”

google featured rich snippet

8. Get a Featured Snippet

What are featured snippets? Featured snippets are the highlighted text that shows at the top of a search question results page that answers the question quickly and concisely. 

In voice search responses, there is a clear dominance of featured snippets, as search engines often favor the brief yet precise responses that the featured snippet contains. 

To have your snippet featured, use straightforward and clear language and keep the readability of your content within the 7th-8th grade reading level.

For jewelry retailers, we’ve seen a majority of featured snippets come from FAQ sections as well as blog posts!

Coming Soon: SEO for Jewelers: 10 Ways to Get a Google Featured Snippet

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Key Takeaways 

The need for SEO for jewelry stores isn't going away anytime soon. So, if you're an e-commerce jewelry business owner looking to increase website traffic, you should actively work on your voice search SEO strategy. 

By implementing the 8 tips mentioned, you'll improve your website's reputation with search engines, which will help you attract more traffic through mobile voice searches. Although you may not see any changes immediately, these actions will help your jewelry site's overall mobile and desktop SEO.

Reach out to our in-house, Los-Angeles-based SEO experts at ITJ Group for a free website audit, so you can better understand your site’s strengths and areas for potential growth.