Web Development

New Website Design

Our experts have helped a number of new comers and traditionally offline companies launch gorgeous, functional sites equipped with everything a business needs to grow.

We specialize in constructing on the three most powerful eCommerce platforms, Shopify, Webflow, and Magento to ensure your site is safe and secure. Additionally, We employ award winning SEO tools and our vast knowledge of SEO best practices to provide you with an SEO-compliant site that meets all technical SEO search-engine requirements.

Our holistic approach to web design combines robust back-end functionality with a cohesive and targeted front-end brand identity. Reaching the right audience matters, which is why our entire team spends time getting to know you and your company’s values, in order to build a custom site with your key target customers and goals at the forefront. Together, we’ll agree on a cost-effective plan that meets all of your requirements and best represents your brand.

Existing Website Redesign

Whether your company is looking migrate to another platform or enhance the look and features of your current website, our experts are experienced in revamping and upgrading sites so you don’t have to start over from scratch.

Before launching your upgraded site, we run multiple comprehensive tests, ensuring a seamless transition without the loss of product data, customer data, or SEO rankings.

By targeting our strategy to fit your needs and goals, you’ll end up with a custom-designed site you can be proud of.

UI/UX Design

Looking to create or enhance the user-experience design and overall look of your site? Our UI/UX specialists and eCommerce experts will analyze the usability of your existing site and implement solutions for integrating the most current user-experience trends and practices.

Today’s consumers discern whether a site is worth looking at within the first few seconds of entering. Even reducing your site’s loading speed by 0.1% can boost conversion by 8% (Deloitte Digital Report). Having a modern, user-friendly site that exceeds the standard for the eCommerce industry will not only increases your brand’s ability to be trusted by consumers, but will lead to longer active-on-site rates and higher profits. We use Figma, Adobe XD, and Sketch to provide you with UI wireframes and prototypes ready to be handed off to your developers.

Modern consumers switch rapidly between devices and abandons their checkout when it gets too complicated—by reducing the barriers online, UI/UX Design by ITJ Group will expand your company’s potential for growth.

Free Website Audit

User experience directly affects the overall performance of your website. UX is also the #1 ranking factor in SEO. If you’ve attempted to enhance your site’s UX but are seeing the same results, you could benefit from a comprehensive UI/UX website audit. Our UI/UX and eCommerce Specialists will conduct an in-depth analysis of your site’s usability, from loading speed to accessibility to visual appeal... for free!

We will provide you with an organized list, pinpointing areas for improvement, complete with detailed explanations, and actionable ways you can solve your site’s UX issues.

If you’re looking to take a step further, ITJ Group will implement our recommendations for your user-experience and provide you with a site to best represents your business.

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