ITJGroup: An All in One Solution

Anthony Phan
Posted on:
Jun 12, 2020

Around 60% of total retail sales happen online today. For traditional industries that previously dealt entirely with physical customers, this means that maintaining the same levels of profits without altering their advertising and marketing approaches is simply impossible. Nowadays, having a distinct online presence is of paramount importance, especially for most modern jewelers who just do not have the technical expertise nor the time to indulge in a new full-scale marketing and advertising plan.

This means that when when jewelers understand the process behind it all, the complexity, expertise, and the sheer quantity of work required to compete in the already crowded market really highlights the need for an expert team, filled with passionate individuals; and that is exactly what we can offer you.

At ITJGroup, we develop enterprise software for luxury industries that is tailor made to not only meet, but exceed every demand that you might have, irrespective of the size, technical knowledge, or the location of your business project. We are technologically proficient in providing fast, scalable, and affordable solutions while you focus on what really matters, your business.

Furthermore, we have end-to-end solution for every web-based demand that you and your business might have, with a fully functional developmental and art studio for all of your photography and design based needs. Our personalized approach and technology gives you such a wide range of customization options that will you never need to hire another developer again once you have worked with us.

Initial Consultation

To create your online presence, we must first fully understand your business, inside and out. During this initial consultation, we will layout your business's specific needs, since we understand that every business is unique and requires a plan that is tailor-made to meet its exact specifications.

Market Research and Custom Design

After fully understanding your business's needs, we then perform a detailed market analysis to identify the specific target areas and associated tasks that align best with your business's goal.

Follow-Up Meeting & Revisions

After analyzing and developing a specific plan tailored for your business, we conduct follow-up meetings, revising our plan until you are fully and completely satisfied with it.

Development and Bug Testing

Our developmental and bug testing teams both employ the latest technologies, the same ones that are being used by Google, Facebook, and Amazon. We continuously work on analyzing the market trends, staying on top of changes as they are happening, so that your business can keep growing and pushing its potential.

Final Product and Backend Training

Even after the project has been completed, we provide continuous customer support so that you are empowered in the use of the software related to your business and can feel confident in maintaining the online profile that we have created for you.

How We Can Help You

The fact remains that even the greatest plans are only as good as the people who are working on them. And at ITJGroup, we have a highly qualified team of skilled and passionate experts who are capable of finishing your products, allowing us to output provide high-quality work at reasonable prices. Our projects are aimed at maximizing the potential of your business; and, we have a track record of doing exactly that.

From smaller projects, to large ones, all our projects are guaranteed to deliver visible results at affordable prices. Made up of passionate individuals who came together from highly diverse backgrounds, we aim to bring the traditional jewelry industry into the 21st century. From providing solutions in search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click media, web design, and content creation, we do it all, and will center it all around your business's personal needs and demands.

The internet is our domain, just like how your business is your domain.

With unbeatable prices and a team of experts creating solutions with your goals and needs in mind, you are free to do what you do best, concentrating on the business side of your company.