5 Ways to Improve Mobile SEO for Jewelry Websites in 2023

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Nov 8, 2022

The usage of smartphones for casual browsing and shopping has skyrocketed in the last few years. Due to increasing accessibility, mobile phones have emerged as the primary computing device for a large section of the population.

However, in the sphere of digital marketing, the conventional SEO guides are often written with traditional desktop and laptop browsing in mind. And unfortunately, many companies, especially independent online jewelry retailers, haven’t optimized their sites for mobile use.

Not having a mobile-optimized site hurts online jewelry sales, online credibility, and ultimately, the bottom line for your online jewelry business. Additionally, search engine rankings prioritize mobile-friendly sites, so potential buyers might not see your products if you haven’t taken the steps to improve the visibility of your jewelry store and online site.

So why should you improve your jewelry business’ mobile SEO?

  • According to Zippia, 63% of domestic United States website visits come from mobile devices. 
  • According to Google, 59% of shoppers surveyed reported that being able to shop on mobile is important when deciding which store to buy from.
  • According to Google, 67% of customers are more likely to purchase things from a smartphone-friendly business.

Let's explore 5 proven mobile SEO tips specifically for jewelers that you can integrate into your existing SEO strategy.

1. What Is Mobile-Friendly Content?

Mobile content optimization plays a significant role in keeping visitors on your website. Following some effective content-developing practices, you can reduce your bounce rate considerably. Bounce rate is the percentage of visitors to your site that exit on the same page they entered.

Mobile-friendly content is content that looks good, performs well, and is easy to follow on a mobile device. 
  • In blogs and articles, concise sentences and short paragraphs are desirable
  • Ensure that your headline grabs enough attention
  • Use adequate subheadings
  • Use appropriate spacing
  • Use bullet points
  • Integrate pictures, and infographics 
  • Clearly visible navigation and wayfinding
  • Well-functioning search bar
  • An organized jewelry collections and product menus
  • End to end functionality– users can purchase 100% on their mobile device

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2. How Can I Optimize My Jewelry Website for Mobile Voice Search?

Voice search on mobile devices and smartphones is becoming increasingly popular with each passing day.

According to Think with Google, as many as 27% of internet users use voice search on smartphones. 

In most cases, people tend to use voice searches to find out relevant information, products, or nearby services, rather than entertainment. As a result, by optimizing your website for verbal searches, you can indeed increase your sale potential considerably.

The followings are some of the tried and tested strategies to optimize your site for mobile voice search:

  • Focus on creating crisp snippets
  • Use question and long tail keywords in your content
  • Start adding FAQs section in blogs
  • Optimizing the website for local searches, emphasizing “Near Me” queries

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3. How Do I Improve My Site Speed?

Loading speed plays a significant role in the search engine ranking of your website. In fact, poor speed often results in a higher bounce rate, which is not at all good for the SEO of your jewelry website. 

According to Google, the probability of bounce increases by a whopping 90% as the page load time goes from 1 second to 5 seconds!

Here are some best practices that you should follow to increase your page speed:

  • Using Google Page Speed Insight you can take a look at the average page speed of your website and keep a track of the improvement.
  • Compress images; use JPEG format instead of PNG.
  • Consider removing unnecessary plugins. 
  • Upgrade your Web Hosting if the traffic is on a higher side,
  • Enable Gzip compression as it will reduce the size of CSS, HTML, and javascript.

Using WordPress? We recommend switching to Webflow if you have serious loading speed and SEO issues!

4. What is Mobile Responsive Website Design?

Imagine being a buyer, you have to access a desktop version of a website on your smartphone. It will certainly demand you to put in extra effort, breaking your natural flow. 

On the contrary, having a mobile responsive design will ensure your audience browses your site with the utmost ease. 

Responsive website design allows you to have website pages that look good on any device. Responsive designs automatically adjust to different sizes and viewports.

For iPhone and mobile responsiveness, you can optimize your website design by adopting the following steps:

  • Scale the product images for smartphone users
  • Integrating easy-to-access navigation menu with jewelry collections and products
  • Optimize pop-up sizes
  • Strategic positioning of call-to-actions to increase conversion

Not having a responsive design will obviously drive potential business away from your website, while a mobile responsive design will enhance your sales prospect immensely.

5. How to Optimize Content for Sharing and Social Media

Today, social media is a powerful tool for market research, targeted advertisements, and sales for online jewelry companies. And, shoppers love sharing information, a super-cool product, or an essential service with friends and followers through iMessage, WhatsApp, Twitter, etc. So, you can’t ignore this social media aspect while optimizing your mobile website.

Want your products and blogs to look good when shared online? Here are a few practical tips, you can consider for efficient social media integration into your website:

  • Add a share button on your blog post and products
  • Use catchy headlines to capture audience attention
  • Use good quality images
  • Request your readers to share 
  • Use relevant hashtags to increase your reach
  • Focus on the quality of your content

Following these tips will certainly make your website more mobile-friendly. Besides the implementation, make sure to monitor your progress throughout and make decisions accordingly.

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