The Fashion House You Can Expect to Influence Next Year’s Jewelry Market

Esperanza Gilchrist
Posted on:
Dec 8, 2022

Even if you’re a small jewelry business, monitoring what the broader industry powerhouses are doing is important. Fashion motifs that appear on the runway are heavily influential in the popular adornment and accessories of the upcoming year. The ‘trickle-down’ effect of fashion refers to how aesthetics first appear in Haute couture, are then embraced by designer brands, and eventually hit the mass market through accessible vendors. While the impactful pieces seen on high fashion runway shows are strong indicators of upcoming trends, so are the influential pop cultural figures who wear them.

Typically, Gucci and Balenciaga battle for the #1 Fashion House in Lyst’s annual Year in Fashion report. With the Italian house Miu Miu securing the title of 2022, it is clear that opening the door for another fashion powerhouse is more than possible. It is largely speculated by fashion analysts that Miu Miu’s success this year is due to their viral ‘micro mini’ skirt set, worn by big-name fashion muses such as Paloma Elsesser and Hailey Bieber.

Vogue Business shares, “[Miu Miu] has had a big year, with searches on [Lyst] up 49 percent in 2021 spurred by some viral product launches (...) The micro mini entered the Lyst Index in Q1 and averaged 900 searches a day in the six months after its runway debut.”

The results of Miu Miu’s virality went beyond the runway, inspiring hundreds of thousands of DIYs and iterations by smaller brands.

Photo by Daniele Oberrauch

2023 is expecting Loewe to take the crown. Perhaps an unexpected reign, nonetheless, the creative director of the Spanish luxury house, Jonathan Anderson, is more than capable of incorporating elements of joy and fun into his work. Loewe debuted their Spring/Summer 2023 collection at Paris Fashion Week earlier this year, using the anthurium flower as the core inspiration for the collection.

Photo: Courtesy by Schiapparelli

But Loewe isn’t the only brand using florals as its muse. Vogue cited “Femme Fleurs” in their Spring 2023 Jewelry Trend Report, with examples from notable names like Roberto Cavalli, Schiapparelli, Simone Rocha, and Off-White. The floral adornments were mostly expressed through accessories- earrings, bracelets, belts, headpieces, necklaces and chokers.

Pinterest is a great tool for insight into upcoming trends.

In fact, 8 out of 10 Pinterest predictions from 2021 came true in 2022.

The 2022 Pinterest Trend Report is conducive with fun, floral aesthetics taking over 2023. With increased searches in biophilic design and dopamine dressing, it’s no surprise that a combination of the two was likely to hit the market. Loewe’s elements of both the natural and the artificial strongly reflect societal aesthetic preferences.

Photo by Calijin Jacobs

Speaking of aesthetic preferences…Ironically, the most influential people on the internet aren’t influencers. This past year, we saw all the trends worn by relevant influential fashion figures such as Bella Hadid, Zendaya, and Lily Rose Depp. Bella Hadid was even awarded the “Power Dresser of the Year” title by Lyst, influencing a “1,900 percent increase in searches for similar items, particularly ones that fell within the Y2k trend.” 

So, who’s next? Emerging “It Girl” Taylor Russell, is a Canadian actress widely known for her new movie Bones and All with popular heartthrob costar Timothee Chalamet. Not only did she open Loewe’s Paris Fashion Week, but she is also featured wearing SS23 on the front cover of Dazed magazine. Anderson even went as far as to say he had a “vision” of Russell opening his show as his muse. Granted the momentum of her career, all signs point to 2023 being Taylor Russell’s year.

What can be taken away from Loewe’s predicted reign is the importance of trend surveillance. Consumers are influenced by various forces, such as fashion, film, nature, or music. 

Perhaps your customers aren’t asking for a piece directly off the runway, but they could be referring to the ‘trickle-down’ aesthetics they have seen manifest on social media or in real life. So, if you want to be on-trend for 2023, consider taking design inspiration from florals and incorporating vibrant fuchsias and electric blues into your jewelry collection.