Social Media Marketing for Jewelers: Top 8 Key Takeaways for 2023

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Posted on:
Jan 17, 2023

Are you doing social media marketing correctly? 

As per a recent estimate, around 59.3 percent of the global population is on social media. The aggregate user base for all social media platforms is now reaching the whopping 4.74 billion mark.

This growing influence of social media is a great opportunity for all businesses and marketers as they can now target more prospects using social media as a tool. Though it may sound simple, the process demands extensive effort in the right direction to yield the desired results for your business. 

So, we will discuss the top eight social media tips and tricks you can implement in 2023 to make your business an online buzz game. 

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8 Social Media Marketing Tips to Implement in 2023

Social media in itself is dynamic and is constantly transforming to provide its users with a better experience. In a way, this constant change can be advantageous for marketers as they continuously look for new ideas and ways of reaching their prospects. 

Targeting ongoing trends and developing new creative ideas is fundamental for success in your social media marketing goal. 

So, keeping all these in mind, presenting you our top eight social media marketing tips.

1. Unfollowing Beauty Standards

In 2022, we already celebrate individuality, sexuality, different colors, and so on; now, it’s time to celebrate different types of beauty. We already have the hand of this idea, and in 2023 this idea will further expand its horizon. And just like social media, people are evolving too, and thus, understanding their needs and modifying your brand accordingly is essential. 

For instance, for plus-size people, a number of high-end fashion brands have already started manufacturing clothes. And by creating campaigns about the same on various social media platforms celebrating the idea of different types of beauty. 

In the same manner, you can also modify your marketing campaign to fit your niche audience and aim for more inclusive and sustainable growth of your company.

Such a campaign will help you to attract a lot of eyes and increase brand growth immensely. Here, all you need is perspective. Add that flair to your campaigns to retain and attract more prospects.

2. Fresh, Original, Authentic Content

With a growing user base in social media, you will find many new businesses emerging in the market following the same old trends and strategies to garner more prospects. Thus, to add a differential factor and stand a step ahead of your competition on social media, offering something fresh is critical.

Unique and creative content has become one of the determining factors in the brand-building process.

Create campaigns, posts, etc., that feel natural within social media. For instance, you can consider offering filter-free content to create real connectivity and authenticity between your business and your prospects. There’s no need to make expensive videos with high-production value. Go for authenticity and originality over expensive equipment and fancy filming techniques. 

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3. The Key Is Consistency

Social media algorithms routinely favor creators who post consistently. Know your audience and post content tailored to your customers.

Maintain a posting schedule and vary the types of content you post.

Your social media posts can include the followings:

  • Quick tips
  • How-to’s
  • Polls
  • Questions
  • Announcements, and updates about your business.
  • Testimonials

4. Post and Participate

While understanding a social media algorithm is helpful, you don’t need to be an artificial intelligence whizz to do well on different platforms. For example, any effort you invest in social media will help  increase your overall engagement, whether you post 10 stories a day or 5 posts throughout the month. 

You need to engage your audience by responding to questions, messages, and comments on posts as soon as they arise.

Being responsive on social media tells a lot about your credibility. You can add a personal touch by interacting and engaging with posts and comments of other creators.

Pro Tip: Create engaging stories like questionnaires, and remember to share any answers you get!

5. Join the Dots of Creativity

You want to stand out in your audience's feed! And for that, you need to bring that 'wow' factor in your content, so you must accompany your post with stunning visuals, illustrations, and art.

You can find several websites like Canva that provide free templates and features.

Follow all the trends, such as adding trending audio to your post, but never forget to use a twist of your own. Try to bring in a little personalization to the trends to make them more interesting and engaging for your targeted audience.

6. Add and Subtract as Needed

Avoid monotony and regularly mix things up to be relevant with each passing day. Although, if you can do one thing really well that routinely gets attention and gains followers, you might as well go all in!

If you’re just starting out, do not contain yourself within posting written or promotional or instructional content.

Consider including relevant videos, images, and maybe even memes.

Remember to vary your content and keep trying new things while remaining authentic to yourself and the brand.

7. The Number Game is Relevant

Increasing social media following certainly improves your credibility as a brand.

The more people follow the business, the more recognition your brand will have out in the wild. The more people are aware of its products or services, ultimately leading to the business's growth and expansion.

Along with the organic reach, consider complementing your best posts by boosting them, i.e., paid ads. 

When looking to increase the audience, try posting your content on multiple platforms. If a video does well on TikTok, post it to YouTube Shorts and Instagram Reels, as well! Make sure to link to your different social media accounts in your bio so followers can see your content on all channels.

8. Collab Offers!

Be open to collaborating with other creators!

Collaboration is a great way to reach a larger and more diverse group of prospects. Also, if you collaborate with a reputable brand, at the end of the day, it will definitely be beneficial for your brand.

Collaborate with well-known celebrities, influencers, and bloggers to target more audiences.

Try finding brands that complement your products. For instance, if you have a jewelry brand, try collaborating with a brand that sells bridal attire, and so on.


If you only take away 3 tips for social media marketing from this article, remember to be authentic, consistent, and creative!

A well-thought-out strategy for social media marketing offers a further valuable resource to enhance marketing outcomes and enable you to connect with clients in ways that resonate. 

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