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Published on:

June 12, 2020

Today, around 60% of total retail sales happen online. For traditional industries that previously dealt entirely with physical customers, maintaining the same levels of profits without altering their advertising and marketing approaches is simply impossible. A distinct online presence is of paramount importance, especially for modern jewelers who do not have the technical expertise or the time to indulge in full-scale marketing and advertising.

Even when jewelers recognize the need and the processes that go behind the creation and the maintenance of the ‘online profile’, the complexity, expertise and the sheer quantity of work required to compete in an already full market underlines the need for an expert team filled with passionate individuals, and that is exactly what we offer.

At ITJewelers, we develop enterprise software for luxury industries tailor made to meet and exceed every demand irrespective of the size, technical knowledge or the location of your business project. We are technologically proficient and provide fast, scalable and affordable solutions while you focus on what really matters: the business.

Further, we have end to end solutions to every web-based demand that you might have, with a fully functional development and art studio for your photography and design based needs. Our personalization technology gives you a wide range of customization options which means that you will never need to hire another developer again, once you hire us.

The Process

Initial Consultation:

To create your online presence, we must first understand your business, inside out. During the initial consultation, we aim to chart out your business’s needs, as every business is unique and requires an exact plan that is tailor-made to meet its specifications.

Market Research and Custom Design:

Once we fully understand your business’s needs, we perform the market analysis to identify the specific target areas and tasks that will allow your business’s goals.

Follow-up Meeting & Revisions:

After developing a specific plan for your business, we conduct follow up meetings, revising our plan until you are fully satisfied with it.

Development and Bug Testing:

Our development and bug testing team uses the latest technologies that are also used by Google, Facebook and Amazon. We continuously analyze market trends so your business keeps growing to its fullest potential.

Final Product and Backend Training:

Even after the completion of the project we provide continuous customer support so that you are empowered to maintain the online profile that we create.

The fact remains that even the greatest plans are only as good as the people working on them, and at ITJewelers we have a highly qualified team of skilled experts who are all too capable of finishing your projects with high-quality work at reasonable prices. Our projects are aimed at maximizing the potential of your business, and we have a track record of doing exactly that.

We offer small, medium-sized and largescale projects that are all guaranteed to deliver results at affordable prices. We are a group of passionate individuals who have come together from highly diverse backgrounds with the singular aim of bringing the traditional jewelry industry to the 21st century.

We cater to all sizes, providing solutions in search engine optimization, pay per click media, web design and development, and content creation, and provide unique solutions that center around your business’s needs and demands. Our expert team frees you up to do what you do best, to concentrate on the business side of your company. All our solutions are made keeping your business resources and goals in mind, and our prices are unbeatable.


Competing in a market that is so heavily dominated by social media and the internet is almost impossible without an expert team capable of building your business’s online presence from scratch. Once you partner with ITJewelers, you can forget about the online part of things, and fully concentrate on maximizing the other aspects of the business. The internet is our domain, exactly the way your business is yours.