How To Stay Current on SEO Trends in 2021

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March 3, 2021

The world is becoming digital and firms all over the world are trying their level best to leave a mark on the internet. As a result, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has emerged as a key practice to bring consistent organic traffic to the website. Though almost all firms are putting at least some kind of effort to improve their SEO score, only a few are adopting relevant up-to-date result-oriented techniques capable of offering ground-breaking outcomes.

In SEO, the trend changes from time to time. If you are still depending on the same old techniques and expecting miraculous results, it is not going to work in your favor. Therefore, for better results, you need to keep an eye on the latest SEO trends and implement them accordingly.

Brands that are aiming to grow always have a common question of how to stay current on SEO trends?. To make your task easy, here are our top eight SEO trends for 2021 that you can consider executing in your upcoming projects. So, let’s begin.

Before going into further details let's take the off route and learn about the recent SEO market:

The SEO industry is currently valued at $80 billion

14.6% of conversion rates are driven by using proper SEO tools

50% of SEO keywords or queries consists of terms 4 words or less

In the case of shopping and eCommerce sites, SEO drives 10 times more traffic than social media

Recent estimates suggest that in the USA alone, more than 236.5 million people use search engines

On a daily basis, Google performs over 5.5 billion searches, with over 63,000 search queries per second, 3.8 million per minute, and 228 million per year

Usually, around 44% of your website’s referral traffic goes through Google

The Top 8 SEO Trend for 2021 and Beyond

1. Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) will Continue to Dictate Search Results

In every search result, you can see a section of text appearing at the top of the web page featuring relevant snippets and boxes; these are nothing but Search Engine Result Pages. The content inside the snippets features the best possible answer relevant to the search query. These days, the importance of SERPs has increased further as they are driving considerable amounts of traffic to websites. Besides, in 2018 introduced the “People Also Ask” section has started to gain momentum of late.

Here is Why SERPs are Important for SEO

Featured SERPs provide an ideal opportunity to gather more clicks. The chances of getting a click for a website featuring at the SERP is around 8% more than that of the top page. As a result, professionals often refer to it as position #0.

A recent study found that if your website is featured at position #0 and #1, it will result in an impressive Click-Through-Rate (CTR) of 27.6%. For example, we were able to rank our client’s website for the keyword - “9 Cute Jewelry Gift Ideas” - in a featured snippet to rank our jewelry blog at position #0.

Types of SERPs You should Focus

A. The Definition Box:

Definition box is a featured snippet designed to provide a direct, concise definition or description of the search term to consumers. For example, the snippet shown below is for a search query, “internet marketing”.

B. The Table:

As seen below, Google often pulls relevant data from web pages and showcases it in a tabular form.

C.The Steps:

Google tends to feature lists for search queries, which requires a step-to-step approach in order to solve a problem.

D. The Lists of FAQs:

Many times, Google features the most frequently asked questions for a search query.

2. The Evolution of Voice Search

Voice search has become an integral part of the Google search engine. Voice Search allows the customers to search their required products or services using spoken words instead of the traditional way of typing into the search box. Nowadays, a large portion of the population is opting for voice search, owing to its sheer convenience.

If you observe minutely, you might figure out some fundamental differences between the way users speak on Google search and they enter their queries.

For example, in voice search, consumers often add the phrase “near me” with their query, which is not the case with the conventional Google search.

Thanks to the evolution of many popular digital assistants like Google Assistant, Siri, and Alexa, voice search is becoming immensely popular day by day, and the volume of voice searches is expected to be doubled in the next few years. As a result, stakeholders need to take timely action in order to eliminate any chances of losing a significant portion of the potential customer base.

It has been seen that consumers often go with the voice search to sort out their local queries; as a result, voice searches are intensely dominated by 'near me' keywords. Hence, websites need to optimize themselves in such a manner that they can offer good outputs responding to a large volume of voice queries.

3. Smartphone Optimization

By the end of 2019, smartphones have successfully replaced traditional computers as the primary computing device. Today, more than 87% of the total users use smartphones to resolve their queries, and the number is only going to grow further in the coming future. Therefore, the search engine is also using a mobile-first approach for indexing web pages. Hence, mobile-friendly optimization of your webpages going with a responsive web design is the need of the hour.

4. Visual Search Optimization

Similar to the voice search, visual search has evolved as another latest SEO trend, wherein a user searches for product images. Here, in the search result, the search engine showcases image results from authoritative pages.

In order to get a better output, you need to write unique alt texts for every image on your webpage.

5. Take Advantage of Video Content

No one would disagree over the fact that quality content drives traffic to a website. Each and every website uploads content aspiring to dominate the top position in the search engine one day. But sadly, 99% of them fail to achieve their objective.

If you are willing to make a difference and want your website to flourish, it is advisable to invest more in video content.

If you have an e-commerce website that sells jewelry, it is practically impossible to demonstrate the exact look and feel of the products through texts and images. By going with video marketing, you will not only drive additional traffic but also maximize your conversion rate considerably.

Here, at ITJ Group, we offer specialized video marketing services for our jewelry clients in Los Angeles, across California, and nationwide.

6. Create Content Focusing on Your Target Customers

One can’t deny the importance of keywords in SEO; however, choosing the right keywords is the key to success. You need to select keywords based on the available research of your target customers. However, unnecessarily inserting popular keywords in your content causes more harm to your website. Therefore, you should focus more on creating quality content addressing the repeated query of your potential customers.

In most cases, relatively lengthy content works best for SEO, as people tend to stay longer on your page causing a sharp decline in bounce rate.

7. Standout Digital Experience

Refined content plays an essential role in the ranking of your website, however, this is not the sole prerequisite to succeed in the complex game of SEO. For an instance, if your website does not load fast enough, it is hard for your potential customers to stay there and check out your content, regardless of its quality. Your website must have a loading time of up to 3 secs, which has become an industry-standard now.

Google also takes note of that, and in fact, your page loading speed is one of the most important ranking factors in SEO that determines your ranking in the search engine. Therefore, you need to offer a standout UI experience, which would ensure a smooth overall experience for your users.

8. Leverage influencers for SEO

Nowadays, influencer marketing is gaining an enormous amount of attention. Firms across the globe are aiming to improve their brand awareness and ultimately drive more sales using this new SEO trend.

By building well-structured websites putting quality content over an extended period, brands are competing with each other to be featured on the top spot in Google search results. However, creating quality content is not enough to dominate search engine results pages (SERPs), due to the presence of tens of thousands of similar blogs on a popular platform like google. Hence, influencers play a major role in building a brand.

However, while shortlisting influencers, one should check their credibility and the number of followers they have. Building proper influencer campaigns can be very effective in maximizing your ROI.

Some key findings on upcoming SEO trends:

More than 93% of online experiences will be detected through search engines

57% of the B2B marketers find SEO as a convenient tool to spread their business

Higher focus on search intents produce better results

SEO marketing is not only useful for traffic measure but also is a safe way to maintain and gather retention and customer analytics

With google’s new effort core web vital page metrics and optimization, it would be much easier to track

Mobile SEO market would take a higher leap

In 2021, let’s focus more on automation or bot responses

Wrapping it off

We at ITJ Group are specialized in web development and design. We are proficient in popular technologies in the market, such as Angular, Flutter, ionic, Java, MongoDB, and Nodejs.

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