Does Zodiac Jewelry Help in Solving Problems?

Published on:

May 8, 2021

What is the Zodiac sign?

The concept of the Zodiac sign has its origin in Western Astrology. They believe there are 12 astronomical signs that make up the path around the sun. The meaning and practice of the zodiac constellation could be but complex and difficult because of the continuously changing positions of planets, stars, and moon. The field of the horoscope is so wide that till that only a brief-ish form has been published in all the articles, magazines, and newspapers.

There are 12 fundamental zodiac signs and according to each birth month with several characteristics and personality traits associated with each sign. Every individual's sun sign is based on the position of the sun when you were born. astrology was one of the ancient seeds that were planted by our ancestors.

History of Zodiac jewelry:

Since the dawn of civilization, Humans have tried to seek complex answers for their lives in the sparkle of the stars. It is also said that the earliest evidence of practicing zodiacs was found in the era of cave dwellers, who used to mark the position of the moon to observe the times. Until the 17th century, the Celestial observation was noticed in the field of science and medicine.

From the 1930s to the 1970s the demand and popularity of zodiac jewelry were at their peak. As people used to believe that their stars will guard them against evil, they used to wear zodiac jewelry, because they thought it would act as a talisman in harder times. During the Age of Aquarius i.e. during the 1960s and 1970s, the fashion capital Paris responded to the booming culture of zodiac jewelry and started the trend of making gold pendants with astrological signs.

Can Zodiac Jewelry solve the problems?

A famous zodiac pendant maker Brooke Gregson once said that "Astrology has universal appeal, it creates a personal connection between the jewel and the wearer." Well, certainly it's true; a personal touch should be a mandatory factor in any outfit. And what better can you think of than your zodiac sign?

Now the question arises on its origin. Fashion is an innovation, but it was actually discovered to solve our problems. When there is trouble there is always a solution. Though the root of that lies in your mind and willpower some traits of your sun sign can instigate and justify your actions.

In Jewelry America we have meticulously handcrafted zodiac sign jewelry for all the zodiac signs in the wheel, and here are some of the examples:


The scorpions are capable enough to get any job done

No obstacle can refrain them to achieve the success

Takes practical decision while solving any problem


Likes to function according to a plan

Work on mechanics and insights of the solution

Can solve career or professional problems far better than personal problems


Try to please you through his/her supportive nature

Go to the roots of the problem to fix it

Always go for alternative options


Follow orthodox and old-fashioned methods

Focuses on the outcome of their suggestions

A great listener


Takes too much unnecessary stress

Go on a crazy rampage

Focused and solution-oriented; will come up with several ideas


Most skillful ones to solve things

Energetic and creative with different ideas

See every hindrance as a challenge


Strategic and straightforward

They listen, observe and understand

Doesn't work with assumptions


Uses philosophy to solve problems


Encourage people to see the positive side


Works according to their mood

Can dissect several aspects

Sometimes they could be a little detached


Spiritual people

Patience is their core strength

Poses great imagination


They are really prudent

Approaches the problem slowly and steadily

Comes up with a reliable solution


Defensive nature

Not easy to win any arguments with them

Gentle and has great persistence

14k Gold Taurus Zodiac Pendant

This earth sign is intelligent, honest, dedicated, hardworking and the most stubborn one in the zodiac wheel. This 14k gold Taurus zodiac pendant represents the imagery of a bull, which is known for its strength, determination, and focus. Taurus babies are great admirers for comfort, luxury, stability, and consistency. They are ambitious, fascinating about their work, and also value honesty the most.

Scorpio Necklace

Often mistaken as a fire sign for the immense amount of independence this water sign is actually very sentimental and emotional. Scorpios are the most sensitive, loyal, and supportive partner that you can ask. Some people think that Scorpios are harsh due to their intimidating persona, but they are the ones who crave more intimacy the most. This Scorpio necklace features the picturization of a scorpion that tells us about the attractive trait of this water sign.

Gemini Necklace

The Gemini born are the ultimate social butterflies. They are enthusiastic and passionate about life, career, and hobbies. They are outgoing, easy going and pretty adaptable to any kind of trend. This Gemini necklace indicates the Gemini twins, which is a very popular depiction of the diplomatic nature of this sign. This zodiac sign necklace pendant is famous for indicating their outgoing, intelligent and indecisive nature.

Virgo Necklace

Virgos are well-known for their perfectionist nature. They are reliable, hardworking, creative, patient, and also kind. This charming Virgo necklace features the portrayal of a girl, which is the sign for this particular zodiac. Virgos are generally modest and humble but sometimes they tend to be stubborn. This 14k gold zodiac sign jewelry pendant comes with a dainty figaro gold chain.

Leo Necklace

The Leo necklace, with a 14k gold Figaro chain, is represented by the imagery of a lion. This zodiac sign is considered as the queen or kings of the Celestial jungle. This fire sign is pretty delightful and always embraces their firm and royal persona. That might be the only reason why they say not to mess up with Leos. Leos love to bask in the limelight, for them the definition of life is all about celebration and passion.

So these were some of our handmade zodiac sign jewelry. We use 100% pure and certified material, so no worries regarding the authenticity. All our 14k gold jewelry consists of high-quality glossy finish.

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