A part-time jeweler’s guide to a full-scale jewelry business

Published on:

June 18, 2020

Jewelry making as an art and a hobby has gained tremendous popularity over the past decade. The reasons are many. Every full-time jeweler and artisan starts at home with little or no investment and uses mundane everyday objects available to them to create jewelry. To create jewelry professionally, a craftsman has to learn various jewelry-making techniques and skills, and practice his art with unfaltering devotion. In today’s market, the most unique, one of a kind pieces have the highest value, and even when a jeweler is creating common pieces of jewelry, they try to make each stand out by being creative and experimenting with his style.

How to start a jewelry business?

Like most industries, the jewelry industry values artists who have the ability to consistently come up with one of a kind pieces without compromising on the intricate details of each.

Therefore, the first step towards creating a successful jewelry business is the development of the technique, and the ability to maintain a reasonable production flow by procuring resources and a sufficient workspace. While there are innumerable tutorials and machinery descriptions available on the internet, these skills come naturally to most successful jewelers as a result of practice and the inherent love for the art.

Further, individual jewelry makers and artisans have transformed the industry in the sense that now traditional stores and showrooms are not the most popular place where people buy jewelry; it is the internet! Because of online marketplaces and websites, people are able to look for the best deals on certified pieces without leaving the comfort of their homes.

As a result, most successful businesses garner a majority of their profits through online retail and sales. In many cases, the jewelers do not even have tangible stores people can walk into, and instead sign exclusive deals with already existing stores and franchises to sell their products. This again happens due to the jeweler’s online presence.

It would not be wrong to say that the key to building a successful business lies in the kind of presence it has online. In this article, we will trace the steps that a jeweler can take in order to create and maintain a good online presence to attract customers and general internet attention.

The competition

Needless to say, there are thousands of online jewelry stores and blogs posting content and products on an everyday basis. The swell in the numbers is also continuous due to the ever-increasing demand. Last year alone, jewelry items and accessories made up for around thirty percent of the total online purchases, which means creating unique pieces of high quality is not the only thing that matters. The quality and the regularity of the content you post online are also of paramount importance.

Prospective customers should be able to find your business easily, and your content should rank high among database search results. Further, the website that you create should be user friendly, seamless cart and mobile viewing optimizations. Marketing gimmicks such as promotional campaigns and discounts are extremely useful in attracting internet traffic.

How to stand out?

Because most people nowadays buy jewelry online, there is always a flow of online sales that your business can grab a piece of, but in order to do that the necessary groundwork needs to be done first.

While it is not difficult to launch and create your own website today using various online services and tutorials, due to high competition, proper research is recommended on professional services that you can employ. Creating a good website is a difficult task and various aspects such as readability, visual value, and website navigation need to be considered.

Further, there are various site-functionalities such as mobile optimization, social media integration, payment and security features, and the general layout of the website that often need weeks of work on. Regardless, there is the real business that the jeweler needs to take care of, such as the creation of designs, garnering of stones, and metals and the maintenance of machinery.

In much the same way as proper consideration is given by each individual craftsman while going about their work, professional web designers create personalized fully functional websites that continuously attract prospective customers around the world. Now, towards the beginning most of these professional services might appear unaffordable, considering the limited profits that new businesses tend to make.

In such a scenario, finding the right professional team which takes care of each and every aspect of your business’s online presence at affordable prices can become quite a challenge. At ITJewelers, the lack of practical solutions for jewelers looking to consolidate their online presence is the very problem we seek to solve. We provide online solutions of the highest quality to jewelers irrespective of their size, technical knowledge, or location, fulfilling every prospective need that a client might have.

How to sell jewelry online?

While a personal website is the best place to sell online, various businesses sometimes post their pieces on large online portals in order to gain customers, which is not recommended. While this is a good short term approach for jewelers looking to create a foothold in the market, it generally does not work in the long run.

Customers who buy jewelry from larger online portals hardly notice the individual seller, and in most cases do not even check the original website. Moreover, a distinct online presence and a fully functional website allow jewelers to keep track of real-time internet traffic and the respective popularity of products.

Further, integrated payments mean that you do not have to pay any transaction fees that bigger portals often levy. This allows for better pricing of products and better marketing campaigns and promotional discounts, which further incentivizes people to buy. An integrated payment system with a variety of payment methods is extremely important if you want your business to attract customers all over the world.

Lastly, once the website is set up and sufficient payment methods are made available, the delivery of the products is the final step of the process. Over here, factors such as the size of your team, product catalog, and the flow of orders are considered. Again, smaller businesses prefer to employ shipping services and carriers rather than creating their own in-house shipping teams to complete deliveries.

Regardless, there is a lot of work that goes behind the creation and the maintenance of a functional online profile, and there are limited professional options available for smaller businesses to hire at affordable prices. A good team not only results in a substantial online presence, but also frees up your time to focus on the everyday duties of your actual business. Hence, artists and craftsmen nowadays can easily sell jewelry online from home.


Selling jewelry online is often as tedious as creating it, and there are various technical skills that one needs to learn in order to create a web presence. Further, professional services employ SEO tools that help in the creation of content which is searched for most often on online databases.

The creation and maintenance of a successful jewelry selling website requires both skill and time, and as an artist your time is best employed taking care of the tangible business instead. Hence, affordable web-based solutions of the highest quality often prove difficult to find. At ITJewelers, we use the same technologies that are used by corporations such as Facebook, Google, and Amazon, and our prices are one of the best, in the market.While there are several other things that you need to work on in order to create a successful business, the bulk of the work required to transform it into a full-scale jewelry business will happen on the internet.